Safety INXS is the globally respected independent manufacturer of industrial safety gloves.


While the products from Safety INXS are created from strong material, the company was born out of passion for innovation in the industry and a dedication to help protect people.

Two young entrepreneurs created the business after a chance meeting out of a tiny office in Shanghai. As ideas whirled around their first, shared office, the bright-eyed men began to build their brand, choosing the name Safety INXS (pronounced In Excess) after the Australian rock band. (Friends of the two eccentric men were not surprised by the name choice.) The very first company logo was hastily, if not terribly, sketched out on a scrap of paper, and the realization of Safety INXS quickly followed. From those humble beginnings, the INXS team worked tirelessly (having fun along the way) to create the internationally known industrial glove company, earning them the nicknames the glove geeks.

Since those early days, Safety INXS has grown substantially, bringing on staff members that are friendly, supportive, and just as geeky as the founders. Because the number of glove geeks (or team members as their professional job titles state) kept growing, the smaller, previous offices of Safety INXS were cramped with too many team members, coffee mugs, and glove prototypes lying around. The operational headquarters has since moved to the 9th floor of the New Century Business Tower in Shanghai – much to the relief of the staff; they’re only a happy bunch when they have enough room to breathe, get their caffeine (green tea) on, and stretch.

With a brand-spanking-new headquarters, an amazingly talented and spirited staff, and a desire to keep their reputation as the best and geekiest glove company around, Safety INXS is excited to continue to bring the world a new standard of hand protection.

Why Choose Safety INXS?

At Safety INXS, the mission is to help professionals achieve a high level of safety with specially designed, multifunctional safety gloves. Using only high quality materials from trusted suppliers, the glove geeks deliver superior products that have redefined the standard of quality.

The team is super friendly and enjoys working together to help clients fill orders. While some may think the glove industry is boring, this amazing staff loves to geek out as they work, getting passionate about gloves and clients.

With over 25 years of experience in the safety industry and a client list that includes the world’s top glove companies, Safety INXS is committed to bringing a high level of customer service with a smile. The friendly staff at Safety INXS believes that no order is too big or small to complete, and they’re committed to making the entire experience fun and smooth. When a customer talks, the glove geeks team listens.

Contact the team of glove geeks today for more information on how fun, functional, and safe their products are!


Glove geeks are a leading authority on industrial hand protection and industrial gloves, we have been working together now for more than 13 years and most have industry experience prior to joining INXS in similar environments……

We take hand protection seriously and have implemented both QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTAL Management Systems and work closely with respected organisations & associations in our goal of The Advancement Of Hand Protection.


The Team

The GLOVE GEEKS are a dedicated team of professionals who are here to assist you with hand protection solutions

William Zhao

Managing Director / Presisent

The driving force behind the glove geeks.

Madam Chen

Vice President

A veteran of the industry and a key glove designer

Sherry Ren

Sales Manager

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Jason Sparrow

Commercial Director

With over 25 years in the safety business, Jason is a real veteran having worked in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and of course China. When he's not fooling around with gloves, he enjoy's shooting a few games of pool, downing a few cold beers, eating sashimi with a bit of jogging and swimming thrown in to keep his streamline physique....

Elaine Lai

European Sales Manager





Emaily Ma


Patrick Chen

Sales - Asia Pacific

Matt Ma

Marketing Maestro

Into Electronics, BBQ, Beer, Hunting and Basketball, sometimes all at the same time!!!.....Not enough space here for all his distractions LOL. Matt’s a self-confessed Glove Geek and is passionate about glove branding, design and the development of Karbonhex


Design, manufacture and deliver consistent value gloves at a fair price that satisfy our customer needs. Quality first, always!

Customer Satisfaction

Treat customers like human beings, only agree to what we can deliver, and always deliver what we agree to. Customers talk, we listen!


Our staff are our most valued assets and every person has a role on the team. Communicate with and count on everyone to play their part, when they don’t (we are all human), coach and encourage, rather than criticize.


Deliver on our commitments, to be transparent about progress and outcomes. Be professional with every interaction with employees, customers and suppliers alike.


Out of the box ideas, out-think the competition. Constantly drive creative ideas and product technologies forward.